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Golden Flogger

What a delightful surprise…The Devil’s Domme has been nominated for a Golden Flogger award…in the Dominant Women/submissive men category.  (Well, duh.  With a title like that, wouldn’t you expect a domme?)  Flippancy aside, I am so honored by this nomination.


You can check it out at the BDSMWriters website, and read my responses to the interview questions they threw at me here.

And please check in on November 14, when I’ll have an interview with Dr. Charley Ferrer, who will be available to answer questions

Dr. ChDr. Charley Ferrer Press Picture 2017 (2)arley Ferrer is a world-renowned Clinical Sexologist and Sex Therapist. She is the award-winning author of BDSM The Naked Truth and over 15-other books on sexual health. She lectures throughout the US and Latin America on sexual health and self-empowerment. She is highly sought after for her expertise and teaches at several colleges and universities. Join her at BDSM Writers Con to discover why Dominance and submission is much more than just whips and chains.






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