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The Devil’s Domme

It’s a match made in Hell.  LJ_TheDevilsDomme_coverfr

Hecate’s the club manager and resident domme at The Devil’s Den.  She needs the job since it keeps her hellhound, Cerberus, in dog crunchies.  She wants the boss, but there’s that little problem of sexual harassment in the workplace…even when the workplace is a BDSM club.  Also, Satan’s a very hot, very alpha dom and not likely to switch to be her sub.

In three months everything will change.  It’s a toss-up whether she’ll get what she needs and wants before she self-combusts.

So…what’s it like to work for Satan?  Let’s ask Hecate.

* * *

“Good evening, everyone. This is Bex Baxter, KINK-TV. Tonight I’m at the Devil’s Den to interview the club manager. We toured this BDSM club a few weeks ago, and I think you’ll enjoy hearing more about what it’s like to play here. And work here. So. Welcome to the show, Hecate.”

“Thank you, Bex,” Hecate said. “It’s always good to return the welcome to the club.”

“And what a club it is. I’m sure most of you watching at home have driven past and seen the amazing trompe l’oeil fires of hell on the front of the building. That’s only the beginning, folks. The door was opened by Satan himself. After greeting us, he handed us over to Charon who ferried us across the River Styx and left us in the middle of a room surrounded by flames.”

Hecate laughed. “In spite of the heat and ‘smoke,’ Bex, the flames are only computer simulations.”

“Very realistic, though. And the three-headed dog? Is that a simulation also?”

“You are going to strip us of all our secrets, aren’t you?” Hecate snapped her fingers, and the dog leaped from her niche in the wall. “See? Just one head. Cerberus, sit.”

Cerberus sat obediently, leaning toward Bex to give her hand a welcoming slurp.

“So, Hecate, tell me what’s it’s like to work for the Devil.”

“It’s hot! You wouldn’t believe how hot he is.” As if she’d conjured him, Satan, clad in scarlet spandex, stepped through a curtain that fluttered like a fire.

“It’s a good thing this is TV. No one would believe how big and gorgeous he is if they couldn’t see him. Tell me, Hecate, how can you keep your hands off him?”

“Well really, Bex, what makes you think I will?”




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