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Sex Ed is coming!

Release day for Sex Ed is November 10 but it’s available for pre-order right now, at Loose Id.   On and after the release date, it will be [should be] available at all major online distributors.

This is the book I’ve been warning telling you about. It got a name change during the editorial process, but Sex Ed is accurate. Spending time with Ed certainly proved to be an education for Angelina!

Mild-mannered admin by day, undercover stud by night, Edwin “Sex Ed” Rockwell’s perfect life crashes head on into reality when Angelina Harris knocks on his door. He hasn’t seen Angie in ten years, since their steamy high school days—and nights—ended with a bitter fight. Now he wants sex but she’s intent on revenge. Since this is erotic romance, they have to come to a meeting of the minds.  Trust me, minds aren’t the only things that meet as these star-crossed lovers try to uncross the stars.

When Ed arrives unexpectedly at a weekend workshop given by psychologist Angie, she’s not happy he’s there, she’s glad to see him, she’s stressed, she’s…can you say conflicted?


“By the way, what is your workshop about? I can’t help if I don’t know.”

“You don’t need to know. You don’t need to help.”

“Of course I do.”

“Sex Toys: the Good, the Bad, and the Too Much.”

“No such thing as too much,” Ed said before he thought.


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