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Working On It!

Undercover Stud (working title) is turning out to be the book from hell.  Yes, I’m whining!  It should have been finished months ago, but Ed* and his lady have given me a rough ride.  A few days ago, everything fell into place, the three of us are getting along just fine, and I’m hoping to finish the last scene this weekend.

In the ten years since Ed’s seen this woman, he’s been working and going to school.  She did her own school thing and is a psychologist.  With backgrounds like that, it was hard to keep these two focused.  In spite of all the sparks and scorching heat, they kept talking to each other.  But they’ve seen the error in their ways and have gotten busy.  It’s been very instructive!

So keep your fingers crossed…I’ll be working hard and hoping the book gets to you in a timely manner.

* Ed Rockwell, mild-mannered admin by day, hunky Undercover Stud ‘Sex Ed’ by night.  I’d love to show you a picture of him, but there are copyright issues, because the perfect picture of Ed turned out to be a well-known movie star.  He makes a great place-holder for Ed, and I found two photos that were perfect:  one looking very boy-next-door, and one–whew, hot–shirtless, leaning against a wall, and looking totally Undercover Stud.


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