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What’s next?

You read faster than I write…the perennial problem for readers.  But yes, I am working on a new book.  The working title is Undercover Stud.  (Be aware that publishers often change a writer’s working title.)

Remember Edwin, the slightly nerdy admin who worked with Bessie Mae at Ferguson’s?  Well, Edwin has some hidden virtues!  I’d love to show you pictures…I did find the perfect ones on line.  Unfortunately, they are of Channing Tatum and I have no right to use them.  But one shows him as an amazingly ordinary looking guy.  That’s daytime Edwin.  The other…excuse me while I  calm the thundering heart…is so not ordinary.  Shirtless and with attitude.  Yow!

And Ed can pull off the change.

Mild-mannered admin by day, Undercover Stud by night, Edwin “Sex Ed” Rockwell’s perfect life crashes head on into reality when Angelina Alvarez knocks on his door. He hasn’t seen Angie in ten years, since their steamy high school days—and nights—ended with a bitter fight. Now Angie’s back, apparently offering him another trip to paradise. The problems are, he can’t let go of the old grudge and she doesn’t really mean it.

He wants sex. She wants revenge. Can anyone win?

P. S.  For those of you who enjoy seeing old friends, Bex makes a cameo appearance.


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