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A conversation with Bessie Mae Baxter

Lilac    So, Bessie, you’re starring in your own book…Bondage Virgins is available now.  But I understand you’re fed up with the way things are going.

Bessie…Well, you should know. You’re the writer.

Lilac   Hey! Watch the smart mouth stuff. I’m really interested in your opinion.

Bessie…Yeah. Okay. flinches My mother would have threatened to wash my mouth out with soap for using such…casual…language.

Lilac   Pretty extreme. How do you feel about that?

Bessie   She wasn’t trying to be mean.

Lilac   Don’t be defensive. I know that. But it must have been hard for you.

Bessie I keep forgetting. Of course you know. But all the stuff she insisted on, like skirts below the knee, no sleeveless blouses, the curfews, that was just her fears. She did let me date, you know. Even if she didn’t like it.

Lilac   I’m sure she didn’t! But that was when you were a teenager. You’re twenty nine now. How about all through your twenties? How come you never got your own place?

Bessie   sighs I figured you’d know that. raises an eyebrow No? Well, she never said it in so many words, but she would have been really afraid if she’d had to live alone. I couldn’t do that to her. I really loved her, you know.

Lilac You were always a good daughter, Bessie. The best, in fact. But it’s been a couple of years now that you’ve been on your own. And you’re still wearing long skirts and—forgive me—frumpy blouses, and dying gorgeous red hair. I mean, look at you. turns Bessie to face a mirror Doesn’t dying it puke brown make you mad?

Bessie No. I didn’t want to cause trouble. Making waves is just asking for it and— jumps up and stamps around the room Yes, it makes me mad. Yes, I want to change. Yes, I hate these yesterday clothes. No, these last century clothes. And I think I just might be a trouble maker at heart. So what do you think about that, Ms. Author?

Lilac I think it’s absolutely great, Bessie. You get your chance in Bondage Virgins. And wait until you see what you get to do in the next book. You rock, babe.

Bessie smiles About time.


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