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New Year’s Resolutions!

Most of us make them.  Most of us fail to keep them.  What the heck is so enticing that we keep doing this over and over?

Whatever, here I go again.

In 2017 I will:

Write more.

Post more on this blog.

Pay more attention to what Bex and Reece and Ed and Angie are up to.  (Because they are not languishing somewhere in the files just because they’ve been published.  I ran into them recently at The Devil’s Den where they were out for a fun evening.)

(Notice I’m saying nothing about housecleaning.  Even us compulsive resolution makers have our limits.)

Happy New Year!


Sex Ed Cover

LJ_sex ed_coversm

I really love this cover!

Sex Ed is here!

Edwin Rockwell is a mild-mannered admin by day. At night, he morphs into a steamy dom known to enthusiastic BDSM clubbers as Sex Ed. He’s got it made, with a perfect present and plans for a perfect future that will see him opening his practice as a sex therapist while keeping up the club scene.

Enter Angelina Harris, his high school sweetheart, the girl who got away. He went into the Navy the day after a bitter fight and never heard from her again. Ten years down the road, he learns she had his baby and never told him. The story just keeps getting worse when he learns her parents forced her to give the baby up. And even worse when Angie wants revenge, not High School Hotties, Part Two. Her plan is to almost-seduce him and walk out, leaving him hot, bothered, alone, and suffering as she did years ago.

The best-laid plans oft go awry, and Angie falls into his sexual trap. She’s surprised by the kink he brings to the affair, and shocked that she likes it. She’s not sure she can accept Ed as he is now, not sure she could walk away.

Ed and Angelina’s story is available at Loose IdKindle, Kobo, Apple, and other major distributors.




Sex Ed is coming!

Release day for Sex Ed is November 10 but it’s available for pre-order right now, at Loose Id.   On and after the release date, it will be [should be] available at all major online distributors.

This is the book I’ve been warning telling you about. It got a name change during the editorial process, but Sex Ed is accurate. Spending time with Ed certainly proved to be an education for Angelina!

Mild-mannered admin by day, undercover stud by night, Edwin “Sex Ed” Rockwell’s perfect life crashes head on into reality when Angelina Harris knocks on his door. He hasn’t seen Angie in ten years, since their steamy high school days—and nights—ended with a bitter fight. Now he wants sex but she’s intent on revenge. Since this is erotic romance, they have to come to a meeting of the minds.  Trust me, minds aren’t the only things that meet as these star-crossed lovers try to uncross the stars.

When Ed arrives unexpectedly at a weekend workshop given by psychologist Angie, she’s not happy he’s there, she’s glad to see him, she’s stressed, she’s…can you say conflicted?


“By the way, what is your workshop about? I can’t help if I don’t know.”

“You don’t need to know. You don’t need to help.”

“Of course I do.”

“Sex Toys: the Good, the Bad, and the Too Much.”

“No such thing as too much,” Ed said before he thought.


I’m excited!  I suppose I should be blase, just a laid-back, successful author, this kind of thing happens every day.  But let’s face it, I’m excited when I sell a book.

Loose Id bought Undercover Stud, which will, as I warned you, have a name change when it’s released.  No release date yet, but I’ll keep you posted about Ed’s adventures with Angie.  Turns out Ed’s mild-mannered daytime persona undergoes quite a change when he leaves work.  Or, to put it in ten words:

He wants sex. She wants revenge. Who’s going to win?

Working On It!

Undercover Stud (working title) is turning out to be the book from hell.  Yes, I’m whining!  It should have been finished months ago, but Ed* and his lady have given me a rough ride.  A few days ago, everything fell into place, the three of us are getting along just fine, and I’m hoping to finish the last scene this weekend.

In the ten years since Ed’s seen this woman, he’s been working and going to school.  She did her own school thing and is a psychologist.  With backgrounds like that, it was hard to keep these two focused.  In spite of all the sparks and scorching heat, they kept talking to each other.  But they’ve seen the error in their ways and have gotten busy.  It’s been very instructive!

So keep your fingers crossed…I’ll be working hard and hoping the book gets to you in a timely manner.

* Ed Rockwell, mild-mannered admin by day, hunky Undercover Stud ‘Sex Ed’ by night.  I’d love to show you a picture of him, but there are copyright issues, because the perfect picture of Ed turned out to be a well-known movie star.  He makes a great place-holder for Ed, and I found two photos that were perfect:  one looking very boy-next-door, and one–whew, hot–shirtless, leaning against a wall, and looking totally Undercover Stud.

What’s next?

You read faster than I write…the perennial problem for readers.  But yes, I am working on a new book.  The working title is Undercover Stud.  (Be aware that publishers often change a writer’s working title.)

Remember Edwin, the slightly nerdy admin who worked with Bessie Mae at Ferguson’s?  Well, Edwin has some hidden virtues!  I’d love to show you pictures…I did find the perfect ones on line.  Unfortunately, they are of Channing Tatum and I have no right to use them.  But one shows him as an amazingly ordinary looking guy.  That’s daytime Edwin.  The other…excuse me while I  calm the thundering heart…is so not ordinary.  Shirtless and with attitude.  Yow!

And Ed can pull off the change.

Mild-mannered admin by day, Undercover Stud by night, Edwin “Sex Ed” Rockwell’s perfect life crashes head on into reality when Angelina Alvarez knocks on his door. He hasn’t seen Angie in ten years, since their steamy high school days—and nights—ended with a bitter fight. Now Angie’s back, apparently offering him another trip to paradise. The problems are, he can’t let go of the old grudge and she doesn’t really mean it.

He wants sex. She wants revenge. Can anyone win?

P. S.  For those of you who enjoy seeing old friends, Bex makes a cameo appearance.

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